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Tonya Buckler

FFF 2017 Tonya Buckler cropped

Tonya Buckler (New Albany, IN) was "born and bred" in Louisville, KY. Inspired to play music by her dad, who bought his first guitar at 16 for $164.75 and by her mom, who allowed him to bring an amplifier into the house and entertain the family some years later. She started writing her own songs after teaching herself to play guitar in 1999. Tonya fronts the Louisville band Whisky Ginger and can be heard singing and banjo-ing out-and-about with two other Louisville groups: Los Luddites and The Fellow Travelers. She loves her husband, her daughter, her five pets, and her morning coffee.

"Becoming a mother truly took my songwriting to another level. I enjoyed writing little ballads and playing a few chords on the guitar pre-parenting, but I didn't consider myself a true musician until after the birth of our daughter in 2008. I suddenly wanted to write songs that were meaningful, and I wanted to perform those songs in front of an audience. I felt like the best thing in the world had happened to me, but knew that one day, if I did everything right, I'd need my own life in order to continue being a good parent. I wanted to start building that life piece by piece . . . song by song . . . and I wanted it to be a life my family could be proud of. Words started coming to me in rare moments of silence. Some of them, I feel, were 'gifted' to me from a force outside my own mind. I couldn't help but write these words into stories and these stories into songs. I wrote songs about my own human experience as well, and I met the most amazing musicians to form a band and started playing out. It wasn't easy . . . it isn't easy, being a mom and a performing musician . . . but it's a part of me now and, therefore, a part of my daughter. Thank you for sharing in our story."

"The Dreamer's Dream" by Tonya Buckler


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