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Toby Ellis

FFF 2017 Toby Ellis

Toby Ellis (Evansville, IN) has been performing for over 30 years as a guitar player, singer songwriter, and the leader of his band The Waywards. He has lent his guitar, dobro, and pedal steel playing to the recordings of numerous artists in Evansville and Cincinnati. Since disbanding The Waywards in 2015, he has spent his time writing new songs, giving solo private concerts and recording in his home studio. Fall of 2017 will see the beginning of a new full band project with a planned first release in the summer of 2018 and live shows to follow.

“Having spent a much of my life moving around the mid-west, I tend to write stories as songs that convey the often solitary nature of the human experience. My theme's are love, loss, loneliness and redemption. vMy characters are the people you meet on the road and the people you've known all your life. Their stories are simple and often have no ending. I've always liked songs that pull you into their story until that story becomes your own.”

“Dream a Little Dream” by Toby Ellis



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