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Joel Curtis

FFF 2017 Joel Curtis

Joel Curtis (Louisville, KY) was born and raised in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan. At 15 he taught himself to play guitar and shortly after that started writing his own songs and performing them at church and in local coffeehouses. In his 20s, Joel took a lengthy hiatus from songwriting to take a degree in physics from Michigan State University. After his studies, he started writing songs again and sharing them with the world. He is now living in Louisville, Kentucky, and loving every minute of it.

“I write and play songs because it's a way of doing for others what so many great songwriters have done for me: open a door to a part of reality—a part of yourself—you've never seen before.  Genre-wise, I'd call my music pop-folk, with flavors of blues and celtic balladry. Like my heroes John Gorka and John Prine, I challenge myself to craft novel songs out of well-worn chord progressions and picking styles: compelling but comfortable. Lyrically, I tend to use idea-driven metaphors and images, more so than confessions or stories.”


“Flowers for Julia” by Joel Curtis




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