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Dawn Keller

FFF 2017 Dawn Keller

Dawn Keller (Bloomfield, IN) began competing in singing competitions in early 2008 and after winning her first competition, she decided to take it seriously. She have won several local singing competitions and in 2015 formed her first and current band, Daisy & Dirt. She started exploring song writing after winning the Kiwanis Balloon Fest Idol, when the idea was brought to her to do a charity project with a song that she had written. Since then she has written several songs and currently performs two of them with her band.

“The idea for ‘Everybody’ came when I was on vacation in California. I received a message from a friend who on occasion forgets her sense of purpose. We talked for a long while and I realized anyone who suffers from depression or anxiety sometimes just needs an ear to listen to them no matter the time of day. ‘Everybody needs a friend!’ Singing allows me to set my soul free and tell a story anyone can relate to.”

“Everybody” by Dawn Keller




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