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Clayton Schroeder

FFF 2017 Clayton Schroeder cropped Clayton Schroeder (Bloomington, IN) is a proud, born and raised Hoosier, a husband, and a father of two. He has always been a singer. After studying theatre in college, he was struck by the inspiration to develop into a folk musician after hearing Simon and Garfunkel on the radio. Taking guidance from his idols Harry Chapin, Phil Ochs, Jim Croce, and Darryl Purpose, he has written songs inspired by the myriad of jobs he's had over the years, a theme song for an old college roommate, a song about Jesus that almost started a bar fight, and a dream about a nun who may or may not be his ancestor.

"I love stories. I love sharing them. I love hearing them. I love creating them. In my younger days, I wanted to hitchhike across the country collecting stories and writing songs. I fashioned an alter ego, 'The Solitary Traveler', but I met my wife in Bloomington and I happily became less solitary. I find inspiration all around me now. Songs are like half-buried treasures on a beach. Sometimes all it takes is just brushing off a little sand."



“Sister Xaveria” by Clayton Schroeder






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