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Art "The Dude" Woodward

FFF 2017 Art the Dude

When “Art the Dude” (Art Woodward, Evansville, IN) was five, his daddy stuck a harmonica in his mouth and said, “Breathe, son.” He has been playing what he considers the world’s most perfect instrument ever since. These days he teaches kids how to play blues and straight harp at his Hohner-harmonica-sponsored workshops.  Why does he say the harmonica is the world’s most perfect instrument? The lyrics from his song, “The Harmonica Song” put it this way:

“You don’t take a tuba to a campfire, you can’t take a piano on a hike,

It’s hard to pick your guitar when you’re riding on your bike.

But there’s one perfect instrument you can always take around.

It’s the harmonica and it makes a beautiful sound.”

To describe Art the Dude’s music by “genre” would be difficult. He writes the kind of music that he likes—and he likes a lot of different styles: folk, rock, blues, pop, country, humor, contemporary Christian, bluegrass . . . . He’s even got a waltz on his CD. So Art classifies the kind of music he creates as “genre non-specific.”

“I glean inspiration from personal experiences, relationships, nature, recalling memories, the desire to make a difference and be part of a community, and whatever else touches me at any given moment in time. About eighty percent of my songs come to me when I am asleep. It is during that magical time when I feel that my subconscious mind is in hyper-creative mode.”



“Mean Sally Blues” by Art the Dude


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