How much are tickets?  The festival is FREE! . . . thanks to the kind support of numerous sponsors, donors, in-kind laborers, and the extensive year-round volunteer work of the festival committee.  However, donations are greatly appreciated to keep the festival free.  You may make donations in any of the festive donation barrels in the park or at the merchandise tent, or see donor levels of giving and how to donate under our Donor tab
What time does the festival start / end?  The festival starts at 11:15 am Eastern and ends at approximately 9:00 pm Eastern.
Who are the performers?  Please see music tabs for all musicians and see the singer-songwriter tab.
What activities are there for children?  We have many!  Please see the schedule and kids' activities.
What activities are there for adults?  We have many for adults, too.  Please see the schedule.
Where is the festival located?  In Ferdinand’s beautiful 18th Street Park, on the north edge of town--on land donated by Robert and Evelyn Leinenbach
What time can I get there?  The festival officially starts at 11:15, but we also have a free yoga session at 10:00 on the hill above the main stage, and pony rides begin at 11:00.
What are some area hotels and campgrounds for overnight guests? Several hotels are located nearby at the interstate exits at the Ferdinand and Dale exits.  Huntingburg, Jasper, and Santa Claus are also nearby and also have many options.  Lincoln State Park has cabins, as does Taswell (White Oaks).  Camping is available at the Ferdinand State Forest, Lincoln State Park, Lake Rudolph in Santa Claus, and the Dubois County 4H Park just north of Bretzville.
What's the parking situation? If you live in town or the neighborhood, we encourage walking or riding bicycles for all who are able. Carpooling is great, too, and also environmentally friendly. In addition to the limited parking within the park, several large parking lots are located south of the park at the Ferdinand Community Center, the YMCA, and Forest Park Jr-Sr High School (west and east of school).  An excellent and scenic trail system will lead you to the park from Forest Park.  Street parking in the neighborhood is also fine if you can find a spot.
Is there handicapped parking? If you or loved ones have special needs, several handicapped parking spots are located along the edge of the parking lot by the softball field
Where do I find Folk Fest merchandise?  The merch tent is located along the south side of the main stage lawn.
May I bring lawn chairs, blankets, tents?  Yes, blankets and lawn chairs are encouraged.  Please keep all tents, however, along only the north edge of the main stage lawn near the trees, and please do not block the view of the main stage for anyone behind you.  Be kind. :)
May I bring my pets?  Yes!  We love pets.  Please keep your beloved furry friends on leashes to protect them and others.
What about my children?  The festival is very child-friendly, with many fun and educational activities scheduled for children throughout the day.  See kids' tab and schedule.
Since I'm bringing my children, may I bring my alcohol?  Yes, but please drink responsibly--and no bottles, please, to protect the children and others from broken glass. Please drink responsibly and be a good role model for the children--and please help keep the park clean.
May I take alcohol outside of the main stage lawn area?  No.  Please keep all alcohol in the main lawn area--not in the art market, food, or children's lower shelter house area.
What if I see underage drinking or intoxicated patrons?  Please let any committee member or law enforcement officer know.  Anyone drinking under 18 or anyone publicly intoxicated runs counter to the family-friendly spirit of the Ferdinand Folk Festival.  Creating a safe space for all ages in the park and ensuring safe travels home for everyone are of utmost importance to the festival committee and the Town of Ferdinand.  The open, community nature of the festival and the emphasis on creating a healthy environment contribute to the event's uniqueness in the region.
What if I hear profanity and inappropriate language in the park?  Especially since we are a family-friendly event, please report any inappropriate language to any committee member.
What else can be brought to the fest? We encourage blankets and lawn chairs. Tents may be placed along only the north edge of the main stage lawn.  Even there, please be sure that everyone behind you can see the main stage.  Be kind. :)
May I bring my own food?  Yes, picnic baskets and coolers are fine.  We also have about 15 food and dessert vendors serving excellent and diverse fare. We encourage everyone to support them.
What about trash?  We encourage everyone to be good stewards of the park.  Please pick up all trash and recycle all aluminum and plastic in the numerous containers found throughout the park, and please place all other trash in the marked containers.
What if I lose a personal item?  Please check with committee members at the merch tent or see any committee member wearing a neon green shirt.
I would like to enter the fourth annual Ferdinand Folk Festival Singer-Songwriter Contest.  How do I enter?  The contest announcement generally is made public in the spring.  Please check our website news and Facebook page often and feel free to write a message in the Contact Us tab on our homepage.  In the meantime, we encourage you to keep writing and performing, and please consider sharing your work with others.  Committee members might also be able to help you book a fun concert at one of several intimate venues in the community--with more on the way!  Exciting times for listening venues in Ferdinand!  Stay tuned. No pun intended! :)
I would like to suggest a band to play at a benefit concert or at the Folk Fest, an art vendor, an event for children, a workshop topic and/or leader, a Tent Talk speaker, a cool feature, an environmentally friendly idea, etc.  Whom do I contact?  Write to "Contact Us" on the tab our homepage and if possible, please provide links, YouTube videos, etc.
I really want to be a vendor for the Ferdinand Folk Fest. Where do I find this information? Click on our Vendor tab, and the info is at the bottom.
I would like to leave a testimonial about the festival.  What is the best way to do that?  You can officially rate the festival on our Facebook page, or you could send a note to Contact Us.  We would like to add a testimonial page to our website--so please consider sharing your thoughts.
How can I become a volunteer or become more involved in the planning of the festival?  We'd love your help especially if you have some specific gift(s) to offer such as filming, photography, writing, researching, public relations, organizing, fundraising, event planning, etc.  It's fun, and you meet some great people.  Contact any committee member.  Members are John Bertges, Ali Daunhauer, Brooke Daunhauer, Collin Daunhauer, Rock Emmert, Sue Fink, Anna Hagedorn, Demi Jahn, Town Manager Chris James, Kris Lasher, Allie Pund, Brett Pund, Brent Sicard, Emi Steczyk, and Aaron Trafton.

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