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Getting to Know the Dubois County Humane Society

3:00 – 3:45, North Tent

by a member of the Humane Society

FFF 2018 Humane JoelLearn about all the exciting and beneficial activities happening with the Dubois County Humane Society and maybe even meet a canine friend or two. They will have a team out and about in the park all day during the Folk Fest. Their mission is to educate the community about the services the organization offers and introduce festival patrons to dogs hoping to be adopted into loving, forever homes. In addition to mingling with the crowd, the Humane Society will also have a booth where snacks (for humans) will be sold and a photo booth where folks can have their picture taken with their favorite pet or one they might adopt.

Bicycling across the US

4:00 – 4:45, North Tent

 by Danny Schnell

FFF 2018 Tent Talk Danny SchnellCross country bicyclist Danny Schnell from Schnellville began his journeys in 1982. He has ridden from Indiana to all 48 states in the contiguous US. He has also taken a European trip and has traveled in part of Canada. In 1999 he put his back wheel in the Pacific Ocean near Los Angeles, CA, and when the year 2000 rolled in, he rode into the Atlantic Ocean at Daytona Beach, FL. A recent trip to New Orleans raised awareness and funds for the Indiana Donor Network Foundation. From his unique perspective on highways and backroads, Danny will share highlights of the people and places he has experienced, and lessons learned along the way.

Alpaca: From Wool to Yarn

2:00, South Tent

 by Kristin Ems

FFF 2018 Tent Talk Kristin EmsKristin Ems and her husband, Willie, bought their first alpacas in 2001. Willie had farmed and raised cattle, and Kristin had an interest in fiber arts. Starting with five alpacas, they bred them to generate excellent fiber and conformation and at one time had a herd of 31 alpacas. 

Kristin will share some insights on alpacas and explain how she has used the fiber to make yarn, both hand spinning and processing through a fiber mill. Examples of the various stages of fiber processing will be exhibited and explained. Kristin’s career was in laboratory medicine and hospital administration.

Fun Facts about the Tesla Model 3

3:00 – 3:45, near Market Stage

 by Ryan Zaricki

FFF 2018 Tent Talk Ryan Zaricki TeslaNear the Kyana Woodstock Market Stage, get an up close and personal look at Ryan Zaricki’s brand new Tesla Model 3, which travels 310 miles per charge. An avid follower of the latest technologies and trends in both the solar and automobile industries, Ryan will share interesting info for auto enthusiasts and anyone interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle.

As lithium ion technology keeps improving (cell phones, computer tablets/laptops, power tools, etc.), it was only a matter of time that the technology would evolve into home and car-based battery systems. The Tesla Model 3 is on the cutting edge of that battery revolution. Made in the USA with a range of 310 miles per charge, this Tesla model is pushing the envelope of what is possible in electric transportation. 

South Spencer and Rose Hulman honors graduate Ryan Zaricki is owner and manager of Whole Sun Designs, a leading installer of residential solar in the state, including many systems in and around Ferdinand.

No Coal-to-Diesel Refinery Facts and Updates

2:00 – 2:45,  North Tent

 by Mary Hess

FFF 2018 Tent Talk Mary Hess NOC2DPresident of Southwestern Indiana Citizens for Quality of Life, Mary Hess will share facts about the massive coal-to-diesel refinery proposed for within the city limits of Dale. With Spencer County already ranking 23rd (out of over 3,000 US counties) in toxic emissions (Forbes magazine), and this region already suffering from disproportionate illness rates caused by pollution, the all-volunteer, grassroots organization believes the idea is ill-conceived and is committed to stopping the proposal. Especially with Ferdinand being just six miles directly downwind from the refinery’s fallout and the smell of rotten eggs (sulfur), the community has a lot to lose in public health, economics, and quality of life. Organization members are comprised of citizens from Spencer, Dubois, and other area counties and consist of young parents, medical doctors, a chemical engineer from the oil and gas industry, teachers, business owners, students, and more. Mary and other informed group members will answer questions about the current state of the proposal and provide ways people can get involved.

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